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Braun Silk Epil 9 Replacement Head

This is a great part to have if you are having to change your brush every time you use your epilator. This is because it can help you do a better job by having a different brush head.

Braun Silk Epil 9 Head Replacement

Braun silk epil 9 head replacement. this is a detailed blog post about how to use the braun silk epil 9 head replacement.

Braun Epilator Head

This is a replacement brush adapter for the braun silk epil 9 flex. It allows you to use a other brush like the ones from brookstone with this tool, so you can get your hair close to your head. this is a braun epilator replacement head. It is a brush adapter that allows you to connect to the epilator and remove hair. The head is a small, small part that is used to remove hair. braun silk epil 9's replacement brush head 5380 is a fafton replacement head that is designed to work with the epilator series. It has a black finish and is made of stricto-polyester material. The head is effective for use with epilators with the fafton brand. this is a brush adapter for braun silk epil 9 flex 5380. It allows you to connect other braun epil 9 or 10 brushes with it, thus resulting in the formation of a more smooth and healthy hair style.